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> It appears as if Ross A. Finlayson <> wrote:
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> |If, without regard to their health or knowledge, the citzens have introduced
> + to
> |them biologically active chemicals then that is a serious problem whether it
> + be
> |from private, commercial, or government entity, or the water.
> I gather that most borganisms would wish to monopolize it for its own use,
> The Thought Police - naturally, as it gives such power to control people.
> |> I understand that humans in some jurisdictions temporarily lose their
> |> rights when convicted for a crime, so in those jurisdictions you would
> |> find it acceptable to perform that kind of re-programming, then?
> |
> |It is an ambiguous term. From watching the television show "Cops", I have
> + watched
> |that television show. Some police use immediate intimidation regularly. I do
> |some business with sheriff's departments. If a violent drunk has started a
> + fight
> |and continues, he should be subdued non-chemically and placed in a holding
> + van or
> |cell. The police can carry tasers to incapacitate anyone, almost regardless
> + of
> |whether they are on PCP.
> Yes, tasers works well on humans who do not ignore pain.
> |Citizens have rights with regards to anyone trying to "reprogram" them.
> You are lucky to live in such a jurisdiction, or to have such faith.
> [...]
> |> The effect of almost any substance depends a lot on the dosage administered.
> |
> |It would then. For example, all most drugs do is increase or decrease various
> |chemical levels in the bloodstream. Many drugs are largely inert placeboes.
> You might not have realized that those chemical levels control your mental
> processes - meaning your personality, your memories, everything that is you,
> mind and body.
> Apart from that you're right.

What chemical levels?


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