"family life"

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Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 08:29:13 MST

Hi all,
 Delurked to say hello and toss something up in the air (and see who takes a
shot at it).
  I am wondering how many of the single as-yet-childless
extrops/transhumanist types have deliberate plans for doing the "family"
thing w/o another set of genes involved.
  Call it a "Line" (which is my working name..working for reasons I'll
mention later on). SF has loads of clone families scattered throughout the
lit. What will we see first? what type of "family"? who has it on their "if
cryonics, AND uploading AND extreme longevity tech ALL fail to
materialize....this is the sure-shot to "immortality" for me" plan?
  I say "Line" because the family name is in a language that hasn't been
invented yet. I suspect it might take another 20 years to lay all the
groundwork for a Line, which is fine..makes the tech more reliable by that
  A good Line might have a linguistic identity as well as a genetic one.
Having a singular founder would increase the opportunity to make dramatic
"alterations" in the childhood development envioronment. I think
multi-lingual rearing environments would be a bare minimum, but also a
subtle constructed language, probably drawing from the most efficient
aspects (structurally not phonetically) of Mandarin, Anglais and Esperanto.
  I already have a Line style of martial arts in mind...this would be a
"family style" much like the hoarded family styles of east asia.
  Each Line member might make suitable "modifications" to their
offspring...it's the base code that's the object of sentiment. Cybernetic
enhancements similarly..it would be an infostructure
(genetic/linguistic/developmental) that bound the family together.
  Would they have a super-pronoun in their language a la Asimov
  Anyone else who ponders this please give me some feedback..perhaps we
could toss around ideas.
  I'd especially like some thoughts from the Extrops who play on the weird
side more often than me :)


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