Re: No Parole for Federales.

From: KPJ (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 16:38:18 MST

It appears as if Michael Wiik <> wrote:
|Sounds reminiscent of Timothy Leary's work, using LSD to reprogram
|prisoners. Leary claims he had a high success rate, but I've haven't
|heard much of this from other sources.

I understand the reports and their data are available for scrutiny.
They have been criticized for being too friendly to the convicts, thus
making them more interested in quitting their life of crime, but I
have not seen any claims of inhonesty in their science from their peers.

I understand the LSD experiments on convicts by the CIA gave somewhat
different results. OTOH, those experiments did not focus on rehabilitation,
which just might explain it. :-\

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