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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 08:10:01 MST

From: Max More <>

>In an article reporting the declining position of the United
>States in world trade in telecommunications equipment, the New
>York Telephone Company reported that "it tested 57,000 job
>applicants in 1987 and found that 54,900, or 96.3% lacked basic
>skills in math, reading, and reasoning."(35) A human resource
>planning document prepared at the Bank of America in 1990 reported
>that "Chemical Bank in New York must interview 40 applicants to
>find one who can be successfully trained as a teller";(36) "at
>Pacific Bell in Los Angeles, 95% of the 3,500 people who recently
>took a competency test for entry-level jobs not requiring a high
>school education failed"; and "at Motorola, 80% of its applicants
>cannot pass a simple 7th grade English comprehension or 5th grade
>math test. At Bell South in Atlanta, fewer than 1 in 10 applicants
>meet all qualification standards."(37)

The company I work for is having the same problem. Their solution?
Lower standards.

>(39) Only 3% of high school graduates could orally interpret
>distinctions between types of employee benefits,

I'm facing this tonight, the company has decided it doesn't like
the new Union contract and has been in negotiating with the Union
for a separate agreement. While we won't see the agreement till
tonight, rumors have it as a bad deal.

The company is offering personnal days and a signing bonus trying
to get members to sign, but one of the casualties is the $3.38 an
hour they have to pay into a separate annuity as part of the
existing contract.

My associates and I are trying to educate members they will
literally be giving away a million dollars if they sign this deal.

This may actually backfire on the company, if this deal goes
through, some of it's most qualified people will have little choice
but to leave.


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