Re: No Federal Parole

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 23:15:11 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:
> From: Samantha Atkins <>
> >But punishment looks a lot like revenge. If it is not a deterrent
> >and does not rehabilitate what and who is it for?
> The victim.
> >Segregating them from the population is a different beast than
> >punishment, deterrence or rehabilitation.
> Okay lets make an example here.
> Two malcontents break into my apartment and make off with a bunch
> of my stuff, and ignore my thousands of books except maybe to throw
> them around the room as punishment for not being able to get into
> my gun safe. Unlike most times, these two get caught, tried, and
> it's now time for......what exactly?

Tetting your stuff back with reasonable wear and tear. Counseling and
rehab for the perpetrators as first choice frome there. Punishment if
that seems effective for these particular people. It os not effective
for all people. Incarceration would do nothing unless it was the only
form of punishment permissiable. If you are going to punish I think
something like a public flogging would make more sense as punishment
than simply locking someone up in what amounts to criminal training
school. Unless of course the perp happens to really like flogging.

> Well, first I want my stuff back. Then I want compensation for all
> the hastle I've got to go through getting my life in order. Then I
> want something done so these two don't pull anything like this
> again.

Done too or done about. Is the goal to lessen the likelihood they will
repeat such behavior or to punish to satisfy your anger or some such?

> Now, whats going to really happen? Almost nothing, I'm not going to
> see anything resembling compensation so we can forget that.

Dunno. I could see a wiser system putting these two to work for a
period of time doing something you wanted done.
> It's likely that for a little while these two are going to be
> deprived of what little joy they have in life, which pretty much
> seems to amount to stealing other peoples stuff. They don't get to
> hang out, they don't get to sit home and watch T.V. or do anything
> else they like to do for awhile.

Actually you don't actually know these two yet so it is a bit premature
to assume what is or is not important in their live or what brings them
to stealing. There are all sorts of reasons different thieves steal.

> So yeah, for awhile I want them someplace they don't want to be,
> doing stuff they don't want to do, eating stuff they don't like,
> and hoping they get the idea that they did wrong.

So you want vengeance. Understandable, but does it actually do the most

- samantha

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