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Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 20:09:03 MST

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>Your implicit agreementr with the gist of this article seems at odds with
>your Libertarian stance. Why should a Lib care if others in the country
>(Libs don't like countries anyway, etc etc) he happens to live in are
>(most certainly arguably IMO) less skilled than they should?

You've lost me. The article was based on conditions in the USA. If it were
about other countries, especially ones that clearly affected me, I would be
concerned too.

Why would you think libertarians should be utterly unconcerned with
people's education and skills? We're not all heartless SOBs you know.
Besides, on a purely selfish and pragmatic basis it matters a great deal to
me that people are skilled enough to power the economy forward. Who do you
think are going to create all those technological and scientific
breakthroughs? (I'd add: without better critical and creative thinking
skills, who is going to understand the possibilities and adapt their
thinking to them?)



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