Re: No Federal Parole.

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 22:13:35 MST

"Michael M. Butler" wrote:

> Spike was talking about specific policies regarding federal convicts not
> eligible for parole, as if there were a significant number that _were_
> eligible for parole; as it turns out, probably unknown to Spike, the
> only people potentially eligible for parole in the federal system are
> military convicts and persons convicted for crimes committed before the
> "no paroles" date listed.

Roger that on all points. I had the incorrect notion that one had to
actually kill for fun or profit to get no-paroled for life. Turns out
it can apply to any three time felon, including drug users who are
not a threat to society. The absurdity in this will soon be illustrated
by the Robert Downey case. Here is one who is clearly not a
threat to society, isnt a petty criminal, but surely has a weakness
for drugs. Placing Downey in prison for life would be like killing a
person to prevent them from committing suicide. spike

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