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Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 15:42:25 MST

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<< I do consider economy to be more like a natural law among capable
 enough beings. Animals can predate, but can trade in only very
 limited ways among close associates. With more intelligence
 and supporting institutions, trade has vastly expanded among
 humans. AIs should be capable of even more advanced trade, and
 will almost surely avail themselves of such opportunities. >>
If I remember how Moravec visualizes this new, robotic, economy; workers
would contract out their robots to perform labor at factories. The workers
would receive pay for their robot's labor. I do not believe that these
robots would have the feelings emotions and intellect, to resent their
condition--why construct being that would experience misery? So what would
get built would be talented, efficient machines.
The computers that reach and exceed human intelligence or consciousness or
physical feelings need to be treated with respect, and consideration.

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