Re: selling an idea

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 08:10:39 MST

Spike Jones wrote:
> Im all in favor of freedom of information and transparency
> and all that, but suddenly Im on the other side of the fence:
> I have a cool idea for a TV ad that I think will sell a lotta
> clothing. Its edgy, funny and simple. Now I want to sell
> this idea to someone in the biz. I dont even care how much
> I get for it, as that isnt my usual line of business, but I
> would like to at least get a token amount just to prove
> it was my idea.
> Somebody help me out here: how do I do it? Is there a
> way to copyright a simple idea? Its a funny little skit sorta
> that can be made into a commercial. Do I write it down
> and send it to, say the Gap? Or find out what company
> makes ads for the Gap and send it to them, and ask
> for a few hundred bucks if they use it? Do I need to
> make a hard copy, notarize it with a date and send it
> to some reliable third party? Can I send it to several ad
> companies and tell them the first one to send me 500 clams
> may use the idea? Thanks in advance, spike

Figure out what products would use your idea. Find out what ad agencies
manage those accounts. Contact the ad agency and talk to whoever manages
the account, tell them you have an idea that you'd like to bounce off
them, but you want a NDA signed first. Get the NDA signed, notarized,
then give them the idea. If they want it, they'll buy it. Make sure you
describe possible variants so they can't just blow you off and make an
ad that is kinda like your idea. The ad agencies will take care of
selling the ad idea to the manufacturer.

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