Re: New Reuters Story on Molecular Tech

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 23:53:25 MST

"Michael B. Hubbard" wrote:
> No real news here, but an example of the ideas starting to trickle out
> into the public mind.

Anyone know about how long it takes for these ideas to trickle enough so
that at least 50% of the people we would meet in normal life would at
least be consciously aware of having heard about these ideas, or what
that rate depends on?

> Also interesting...did anyone see Andremeda today, where one the main
> characters has nanomachines in her hair that change her hair color,
> but also have a secret message coded into them?

Take the "true abundance" thread, and advance it by however-many years
(probably centuries) of tech progress, but severely constrain potential
intelligence of AI (say, if even faster and faster CPUs can not increase
the non-computational part of intelligence), and that's about what you
get here. Though one wonders why they would ever have to buy anything:
surely a ship like Andromeda would have been equipped with industrial
nanobots to strip some unclaimed asteroids or planets, then go into a
tight orbit around the nearest star, set up a factory and solar panels,
and make whatever it needed.

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