Re: selling an idea

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 14:41:40 MST

Spike Jones wrote:

> For those who notice such things, perhaps you have observed
> in the past 5 yrs or so, TV ads have gotten much more effective:
> faster, funnier, definitely edgier. They have broken thru any
> number of invisible barriers regarding sensitivity and taste. Such
> as: many commercials now trivialize death. Im not making any
> judgements here, merely observations. Trivializing death may
> be a bad thing, but it leads to effective commercials, which
> earn money, which is a good thing.

Yeah, selling more meaningless widgets or even one's actually
is a good thing no matter what it takes. Yep. Even if we have to kill
people as long as it sells stuff.

> For instance, consider one of my faves: Adipose T. Lardbottom
> reaches into his fridge to get a double bacon cheese burger. Suddenly
> there appears the Grim Reaper.
> Lardbottom: Awwww, you gotta be ki...
> Reaper: SILENCE! Wait a minute, you have all Energy Star
> Appliances. You must care about the environment and saving
> energy! Tell ya what, Ill probably get fired for this. But Im
> gonna let ya slide.
> Next scene, Adipose and Grim are sitting on couch like two
> old buddies watching the game. Lardbottom starts having a
> coronary. Reaper, in disgust: Awwww MAN!
> Harrrrrrr! Great spot! Short, funny, you remember what
> they were selling, perfect ad!

Actually, by the end of this add I have utterly forgotten what
they are trying to sell. The ad is mindlessly stupid and juvenile
funny only. It doesn't make me want to buy anything except a Tivo
or Replay system so I don't have to sit through such boring inanities.

- samantha

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