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Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 21:22:54 MST

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>From: Harvey Newstrom
> >Be careful with these kind of rumor pages.<
>Yes. Never believe everything you read.

Further information:

CNN is now reporting that President Bush denies the story. He says
there may have been "a few" pranks, but nothing like the rumors are
reporting. He says that there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing
and in any case there will be no investigation.

CNN further reports that it cannot find any witnesses who claim to
have seen the damage that has been described. Thus far, all the
persons they have contacted in the actual offices are saying that
they were in order or were being renovated. Thus far, this is
strictly an unconfirmed rumor. Nobody can be found who actually
claims to have seen the damage firsthand. All reports have been from
a friend-of-a-friend variety.

The Drudge Report seems to be the source of this story. All other
articles seem to quote verbatim from the original Drudge Report
article or cite it directly. Although the Drudge Report has also
posted all these follow-up articles creating a circle of
self-referencing confirmation, it still seems to be the source of the
original story. None of the other reporters could cite independent

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