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Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 18:31:33 MST

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>From: Harvey Newstrom

> >Be careful with these kind of rumor pages.<
>Yes. Never believe everything you read. I know this from first hand
>experience. Journalists can and do exaggerate information, misconstrue
>facts and take language out of context just to give "their" story some
>spin. A guideline in discerning credibility in journalism is to know the
>slant of the periodical.

This is true and I have a recommendation to anyone ever being interviewed -
insist that you will record the interview as well and that it is agreed and
understood that you'll have publishing rights to anything on your recording
device. If a reporter takes your quotes out of context, you can use the
actual record to show how, and discredit the reputation of the reporter.
On an even grander scale - set up a website with rating for each reporter.
People interviewed can give a rating to the individual who interviewed them.
When approached for interview, you can go to the site and check the
reporter's rating.. like ebay.

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