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Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 15:42:51 MST

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Barbara Lamar wrote:

> > I believe society _is_ a living entity. A pretty dumb one,
> > but I think it could be construed as being alive. (In the
> > sense of an ant colony or a bee hive, for instance.)
> How does this belief effect the way you live your life?

My initial response would be that it doesn't.

But in truth, that may not be entirely correct. Let me think about it...

I spent decades literally fighting against everything I perceived people
were trying to force upon me. This caused me to think of the "society", of
the "masses", as a horde of sheep; I perceived the government as a bunch of
robbers who are trying to steal things away from me; and I really couldn't
identify with anyone who claimed that 'society' is a good thing, and that
paying one's 'debt' towards the 'society' is good. Because, I thought, there
is no such thing as a 'society' - there's just a bunch of morons who want to
control me. [This paragraph is slightly exaggerated for purposes of

Then, one day, I found that, without this horrible society that I live in, I
wouldn't have had nothing that I like and love. I would have no internet
connection. I would have no computer. I would have no car. I would have no
refrigerator. I would have no toothbrush. I wouldn't have the clothes that I
have. All of this is made possible because of Law And Order (TM), and
law+order come at a price. I suddenly realized society is a good thing.

I then suddenly realized that I am a contributor in this society, as are
lots of other people. I realized we can do things together that we couldn't
have done alone. That law and order are good, and that even taxes as a
principle are good, despite the morons that run the whole show.
Instinctively, I started perceiving the whole system as a Living Thing that
works much like a human organism, and in which I have a place.

In time, I might even become a sociable human being. ;-)

Hm. But all of this is just about my perception of society as "a good thing"
versus "a bad thing". It really has nothing to do with whether I perceive
the society to be "alive" or not.

So I guess the answer to your question is the same as my original response.
My comparing the society to a living thing does not really have an influence
on my life. It doesn't really matter. I'm just annoyed by people who insist
on rejecting different views because they are, well, incompatible with their
preferred mode of thinking.

> What things would you do differently if you didn't believe that
> society is a living entity?

I probably wouldn't do anything differently.

> This is not meant to be a rhetorical question. I'd really
> like to know the answer.




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