ABUSE: GUNS: Re: Self Defense

From: Harvey Newstrom (mail@HarveyNewstrom.com)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 20:53:54 MST

"Russell Whitaker" <russell_whitaker@hotmail.com> wrote,
>Franklin _did_ say to "share it with whomever"...
>>From: "Franklin D. Van Ardoy Jr." <fdvanardoyjr@yahoo.com>
>>That reminds me of my own take on male pacifism:
>>"For some men, just the thought of weapons causes them
>>severe vaginal discomfort."

Please GROW UP and take this off the list!

Questioning someone's manhood is just juvenile. Using the female
body as an insult is even worse. I haven't heard this type of
childishness since grade-school. This is really offensive on so many
levels and is just plain stupid.

Do you want the above quote to exist forever in our archives as an
example of Extropian discussion? I am quite embarrassed by the
garbage being propagated on this list as if it had some extropian

Harvey Newstrom <HarveyNewstrom.com>

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