Re: Vegetarianism? Re: CODE: Programming project required

From: Emlyn (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 16:51:41 MST

Mmmm, cigarette butts...


Michael Butler wrote:
> You are overoptimistic. People who write using M$ products are people
> who will eat anything, including cigarette butts, and pretend it's
> candy. They'll also pretend they enjoy M$ changing APIs whenever the
> whim hits them, so they have to play catch-up. And they never have their
> cholesterol levels or blood pressures checked. Why bother? They know
> they're dying, but it's a living.

We're all dying.

> I wonder if there were any early mammals that specialized in dinosaur
> coprophagia? There *must* have been dinosaur dung beetles. There's an
> image for you.

Very nice

I can't find the email where someone asked whether, given that flies are
successful and they eat shit, we should eat shit too. I love that. Must be
Eugene, surely.

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