Confessions of a Microsoft Cult Member

From: Terry Donaghe (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 08:48:55 MST

In addition to being an extropian, I feel, in light of the scathing reeming
I have received in some defense of MS, that I must also admit to being a 3rd
level priest in the Phoenix, AZ branch of the BillGateseistic-AllTruth
Church of the Living Window. As a naive youngster coming out of college
with a worthless degree, I fell easily into this dark church - they promised
me money, women and a good IDE for eternity. I was helpless to resist.

Slowly though, I am beginning to see the light. I am peeling apart the
dark, dark window tinting which I had never seen before. Suddenly I realize
that I have spent the last 5 years of my life creating useless toys that
through the evil, dark magic of BillGatesSteveBallmer only *appeared* to
work or solve any problems. How many wasted hours I must have spent
zombie-like as I waited, unseeing while countless servers crashed! Oh woe!
Woe is me!

As the curtains of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt are cast aside, I throw
bricks through the horrible Windows(tm)! Take that! And That! Now, I
shall let the cool breeze of unfettered, non-Microsoft software into my
mind. Ah yes... I can see clearly now. There are voices carried in that
cool, cool breeze... "Install Linux!" "No! Solaris!" "Write in Pearl!"
"No! Python!" "No, write in Java! It's easy!!" "CORBA!" "Enterprise Java
Beans!" "You will write only PL/SQL!" "Eat bugs! The little yellow ones
with crunchy legs!"

Yes! Yes! Oh, rapture!! Calgon! Carry me away!!!!!

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