Re: OT: Weapons of Mass Instruction

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 23:55:13 MST

Michael Lorrey wrote:
> There was an article in Playboy some time in the last ten years about
> research in using ELF waves to induce mental and physiological
> responses. There is allegedly a frequency that induces nausea, another
> called the "Pot Wavelength" that induces euphoria, as well as others.
> Thats about all I recall from the article. Perhaps someone else knows
> more. I think ELF waves are what you are thinking of.

There are certain ultra-low frequencies that resonate with the human
body. The one that resonates with your intestines will cause you to
cramp up and make a mess of yourself. There is another that resonates
with bones and is exceedingly unpleasant. Both have been tried in
experimental non-lethal weaponry. ELF is much to high frequency to for
either of those effects, at least from resonance.

I don't see how something in the .3-3 kHz region can give the listed

- samantha

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