CODE: Object and Pattern Recognition

From: my inner geek (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 21:05:50 MST

I wonder who has the best index of words and objects in motion pictures?

In every frame of every film, there is a collection of objects. They have
different properties: shape, color, texture, size, etc.

If you had a computer that could enumerate the objects in each scene, then
you could index each movie by it's object set.

Let's say you knew that a particular electromagnetic phenomena was going to
occur at a certain time, and you wanted to make sure that a certain set of
objects was on the most number of television sets at the exact moment of the

For example, you want to emphasize "Wooden Bowls".

You're superindex of movie frames lists all the movies with wooden bowls in
the frame.

You choose just the movies with the right colors and dialog around the bowl.

You run the movie so that that film moment shows as someone is most likely
to be channel surfing.

Who has the best library of film dialog (transcripts with accurate time

Who has movies indexed by musical content? Not just a soundtrack list, but
a complete "mood map" of the soundtrack from beginning to end.

How does one make this information available to netizens for use in "sample"
based communication.

A new "barrage of images" based communication format that allows people to
plot a timeline with a list of symbols and adjectives, then have "the net"
go find the best media snippets that fit the bill and sequence them in a
stream to an intended recipient.

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