Re: Breaking News: World is 10 deg chillier

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 10:54:23 MST

Michael Lorrey <> wrote,
>Contrary to claims of many of the tree huggers who yap that the sky is
>falling and the world is ending from global warming of a scale that is
>unprescedented, there is new evidence that the world has become some 10
>degrees chillier over the last 3.2 million years. Read it and weep,

Mike, I did not see anything in this article to contradict global
warming. In fact, the article itself seems to have a plug supporting
global warming by indicating it could reverse the cooling described
in this article. This article seems to cover a period from 5-1
million years ago, while global warming claims to cover modern times.
I see no time-period of overlap or contradiction. The two theories
seem to be orthogonal and unconnected to each other.

Harvey Newstrom <>

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