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>An exception was George Seurat (1859 - 1891) founder of
>neoimpressionism who developed the method of pointilism which was
>the placement (or "flicks") of one hue next to another hue (not
>mixing them) to achieve a secondary color. These tiny dots of
>brilliant color were supposed to merge the viewer's eye and
>produce intermediary tints of color more luminous than those
>obtained by mixing colors on a palette and then apply the mixed
>color to the canvas.

One of the joys of living/working in the Chicago area is Chicago's
Art Institute.

"A Sunday on La Grade Jatte-1884"

This painting probably gets the second most attention from me in
the whole collection (first is Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks") I love
to stand off to one side of the corner of this huge painting and
study the individual brush strokes or "points". I was delighted a
few years ago to learn that this technique "pointilism" actually
had a name.

A must see if you are in town.


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