Re: Legalization of Marijuana

From: my inner geek (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 21:17:41 MST

my inner geek wrote:

> "Yes. You'll be dead before you leave this press conference. Guards!"

No. It won't go like that.

It'll go like this..

"No comment."

Then there'll be a "strange hiss" sound coming from near the reporter's head.

Suddenly, everyone will in perfect synch a feeling called "perfect sense" and then "ah ha."

The reporter will make "crazy eyes" (each eye moving independently).

Then the reporter will look tremendously relieved and overwhelmed and content.

They'll sit down and life will go on.

They'll go home and watch TV and chat with the wife and kids just like normal, but they have a better attitude from now on.

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