the Institute of Medicine has updated vitamin and mineral RDA's

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 18:28:06 MST

 I learned of this study from my local newspaper. The article pointed
 out that with all the "super megadosage" vitamin pills selling so
 well it's important to know not just about the recommended dose,
 but how much can cause a harmful overdose.

 The Institute of Medicine is a private science organization that
 sets the nation's RDA for nutrients. They spent four years to finish this study.

 Some good things to remember...

 Vitamin A -a dose of 3,000 micrograms can risk birth defects in
 the unborn and cause liver damage for people.

 Vitamin E -more then 1,000 milligrams can risk uncontrolled bleeding .

 Folic acid -more then 1 milligram a day can result in nerve damage.

 The institute warns that consumers are sometimes confused by vitamins
 sold in "international units" because they do not know how to convert
 them into micrograms and milligrams which can differ based on the nutrient. So be careful...

 to learn more visit...

 best wishes to all for good health,


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