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Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 21:20:49 MST

Issues up to volume 14 number 1 of JLS is online at:


This is great because you get stuff going back to the Seventies. One
problem, though, is that the earlier stuff is just image files. Yeah, it's
PDF format, but it's not text in PDF but actual photos of the originals.
So, it's hard to copy and paste stuff from early issues.

What is JLS? Well, it's a long running journal that focuses on stuff of
concerns to libertarianism, such as anarchocapitalism, history, economics,
and the linkage between -- dare I say it?:) -- philosophy, politics and
social theory. Lots of great stuff is there for those inclined toward a
deeper treatment of these topics.

In other news, I'm more than halfway through Chris Sciabarra's _Total
Freedom: Toward a Dialectical Libertarianism_. The treatment of dialectics
alone is worth more than the price of the book...


Daniel Ust
    Film recommendation: "The Color of Paradise."

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