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From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 10:24:55 MST

Michael Wiik wrote:
> "John Calvin" <> wrote:
> > In
> > 31 years living in the US I have only heard gunfire on the streets of any city I have been in on 3
> > occasions, and I have always lived in large cities.
> I lived in Washington, DC, on the 900 block of S street NW for about a
> year. (A few blocks from the 930 club.) Late night gun shots were a
> common occurence (every few days). Only time I was at all nerved was
> when someone emptied his clip all at once. It all depends on the
> neighborhood; I lived near Dupont Circle for several months and never
> heard a gunshot.

The guns heard where I am are recreational shooters: hunters, target
shooters, and backyard plinkers. It unnerves city folk who move here,
who have the impression that coming here will give them peace and quiet,
and are very angry when they don't get it (some idiots even want to
force the airport to not allow any takeoffs or landings at night), yet
they never do due diligence to find out if there is a gun club near
their homes, and become rather perturbed when their complaints to police
about a neighbor shooting the crows or pigeons out of his barn or
cornfields are laughed at by dispatchers.

When I hear a gun go off, my immediate reaction is not "heads down", its
"I hope they got one!" (deer, bird, rabbit, target).

City people move up here, buy land, then immediately post it against
hunters, yet get annoyed when the deer population explodes and they
total a car every year in collisions with deer on the road. They let
their dogs run free in the winter and get annoyed when the dog is shot
while chasing deer, while at the same time they feed deer in the winter
which only aids their overpopulation and freak out when deer die from
sickness and malnutrition from being chased by their dogs to the point
of exhaustion. They go hiking in the woods in the fall with white and
brown clothing on, and/or else they freak out when they come across
armed hunters in the woods, paranoically feeling like they've stumbled
into a war zone in their backyards.

They then get active in local government to try to turn our community
into the sort of hellhole they tried to escape from.

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