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Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 18:58:10 MST

I don't think all this hand-coding advice is helping Barbara all that much;
I get the impression that she is not a super html geek. No shame there.

An easy initial solution would probably be to open the html converted from
Word in Frontpage, and resave it; that might clean it up a bit without you
having to do anything. Not too sure. Otherwise, you could easily cut & paste
the text from Word into a new Frontpage document and save that, which gets
around the Word->HTML conversion issue. Still pretty easy, and Frontpage
code, while it does some funny things, shouldn't crash anyone's browsers,
especially if you keep it simple.


> wrote:
> > I would have to agree with John Colvin.... Word files make for an AWFUL
> > conversion. Frontpage is excellent though. The problem is like he said,
> > a matter of compatability especially with regards to Cascading Style
> > (the font and layout info Word puts in automatically). HTML generated
from MS
> > Office programs is very messy and is usually about 10x as complicated as
> > has to be. Stick with a text-based editor (Even Notepad will work well)
or a
> > dedicated webpage program like Frontpage.
> Frontpage sucks. Moreover, most all Frontpage sites look like Frontpage
> sites. They just have this distintive look where at a glance you know
> 'this was done with Frontpage'. There's even a Microsoft TV commercial
> with this guy running a fish business, there's a quick scene of him
> working on his web site, and even it looks like Frontpage. I'd suggest
> Homesite to begin with, then maybe Dreamweaver.
> As someone who does lots of Word->html conversions, there's a way around
> the MS messiness. What I do is: 1) Use Word2000 to convert doc to html
> 2) Use HTML Tidy with the option specifically designed to remove MS Word
> generated html junk. 3) I have a shell script with about 110 single-line
> perl expressions which further filters the junk. I'm left with a
> relatively clean html output, ready to polish off manually.
> -Mike
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