Re: LAW: Privacy in Electronic Recordkeeping

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Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 16:25:53 MST

How can I make it so nobody communicates with me without agreeing in advance
that I can share that communication in its entirety with my community of

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> To make available to the public the entirety of someone's private
> correspondence to
> you would almost certainly violate their copyrights (absent their having
> consented
> to such reproduction and distribution of their works) and might violate
> privacy
> rights (if they wrote to you in the context of a confidential
> In a message dated 1/20/01 10:33:40 PM, writes:
> . . .
> >I'm interested in digitizing all of written correspondence I receive, and
> >placing those files on my home computer (which is internet connected and
> >accessible with password).
> >
> >When someone sends me a letter and I digitize it and put it on my
> >is this legal (by current law)?
> T.0. Morrow

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