RE: Programming project required

From: denis bider (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 10:04:50 MST

> It is up to moral programmers with a vision of how we could do
> things far better than we do now to choose the tools that they
> believe are the best and to use those successfully on enough
> projects to give them continuing life and dominance and to
> make room to develop the next set of tools and the next after
> that until we develop tools that take over their own development
> largely.


[Sorry to intervene, but this is quite a strong statement, and I'm tempted
to learn where your motivation comes from. It seems you have an awful lot of
energy and desire to change things - even after quite a few years of being
around, as I infer from your message. I wonder how you manage to hold on to
that energy? Also, note that I'm not saying your energy is good or bad, it
may be either - Martin Luther King Jr had this kind of energy and it was
good, but Hitler had it as well and it was bad.]

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