Re: Extro IT Techies list?

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 23:52:30 MST

Emlyn wrote:

> There are a lot of good coders / IT people on this list....
> I bet it's boring as batshit for those who don't earn a crust this way...

Not neeeearly as boring as some of the perennial flame-athons
that break out with mind numbing regularity. Dont worry about
boring the list, Emlyn, thats what delete keys are for.

> I've often wanted to ask tech questions on list, but hesitated because
> that's not the list's purpose.

Go ahead, ask. The list seems to be filled with good sports.
Consider that programming is inherently of interest to the futurist:
we are developing the tools with which to develop the tool with
which to develop the unimaginable future, filled with downloads
of our minds, virtual existence in sims of eternal bliss, etc. We
need to go thru the mundane present in order to get that glorious
future. You software types are the ones we are all depending
upon. spike

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