Re: meaning of life (RE: (repost) RE: GUNS: Re: Self Defense)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 22:42:56 MST

denis bider wrote:
> Samantha Atkins writes:
> > As far as I see you deny the very concept of meaning being meaningful.
> This interpretation is probably not what you intended, but - you're entirely
> correct. There is no meaning. Even 'meaning' has no meaning, in a universal
> sense of things.

Actually it is precisely what I intended. Thank you for verifying that
I was seeing you accurately. Now that I have, I bid you adieu. I have
nothing to say to philosophical nihilists as you have removed any means
of my reaching you any way. I hope you get over it soon.

- samantha

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