RE: GUNS:RE: Self Defense

From: denis bider (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 18:32:18 MST

John Calvin wrote:

> Bands of armed criminals do not roam every street in the
> cities of America. While there are admittedly areas of
> several cities where crime is rampant, the media in general
> has done an injustice to the US in characterizing our cities
> as constantly existing on the edge of anarchy. In 31 years
> living in the US I have only heard gunfire on the streets of
> any city I have been in on 3 occasions, and I have always
> lived in large cities.

I appreciate the rest of your message - I would just like to comment on this

By our standards, hearing gunfire in the streets on 3 occasions in 31 years
would be a lot. I live in the largest city in Slovenia (probably more like a
town from your perspective), and I'd say most people around here don't hear
a gunshot in their whole life.

It might just be because the city is smaller, though. (It has something like
300 000 inhabitants.)

- denis

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