RE: trends in brain imaging

From: mez (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 16:56:25 MST

From: Jim Fehlinger []
> Well "brain scanning" is one of the things Ray Kurzweil mentions
> ...
> and in a recent article in an on-line magazine called
> "Business 2.0" at
> A quote from the magazine article:
> "Brain scanning speeds are
> doubling every 26 months and brain scanning resolution (per
> unit volume) is doubling every 12 months."

Thank you. I sent Kurzweil mail to see if he can back this up.

In general, though, I find the man's math to be incredibly sloppy (and
often downright wrong) so I'm not too optimistic. For example, his
estimate of the amount of power necessary to simulate the brain was
around 10^12 operations per second, if I recall correctly. Even quick
back of the envelope math shows that to be around 6 orders of
magnitude too low.

But who knows, perhaps he has useful data.


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