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From: Max M (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 14:00:18 MST

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>From: Adrian Tymes <>
>>Randy Smith wrote:

>>First, ASP/MS Access isn't your best choice. If you need something
>>simple, try MySQL for the database, Perl CGI scripts to display the
>>content, and DBI to connect them.

>I envy you taking up your first language, if it is
>indeed your first. I've worked in about a half dozen
>languages, and would now argue against Perl. If it's
>your first language, consider checking out Python:
> I work in it almost exclusively

Ohhh ... this is so much my favourite subject. I have developed web
applications since '96 and programmed in Modula-2, c, c++, Pascal, Perl,
VBScript, JavaScript, Python and several languages I cannot remember

Python beats them all hands down for web applications and
productivity/automation software.

Perl is as hyped as any Microsoft product. "It's a postmodern language",
"It's so like a real language" "it's ..."

blah! It's difficult, ugly and will never bring us closer to the singularity
:-) Well you could probably whip up Eliezers AI seed in about 100 lines of
code, but not even the AI would be able to understand them.

Especially you should check out Zope, it's a web application server written
in Python. I use it in my company and am having loads of fun
with it. While making good money and delivering software in an order of
magnitude faster/better.

It's the greatest thing since sliced bread. And all the stuff that you are
gonna be hearing from Microsoft that they will do in the next few years you
can allready do in Zope/Python. What is more important. If you learn Zope
you will automatically learn how to devlop in asp with style as you can use
your Zope knowledge there.

And if anybody says that you shall not choose your language out of desire,
but from what is used the most, don't listen. Life can be boring enough as
it is. Naturally asp is developing at a fast pace, but only because it is so
far behind. :-)

regards Max M

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