Re: "Printing" a $15 Computer

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Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 20:15:46 MST

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> >Subject: "Printing" a $15 Computer
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> >Interesting "speculation(?)"
> Here's a speculation for you: How much will the stock for this company go
> up? I knwo a quick way to get rich: form a fake company and buy a
> journailist to writeup your bogus amazing discovery. Or you could just give
> the journalist a post-writeup cut of the stock gains.
> Of course, I am not saying this is the case here--I know ***nothing*** about
> this particular case. Just speculation.

Technically this is not impossible. Given a 1200 dpi printer resolution,
and a paper embedded with semiconductor compounds, and 'color' inks with
different dopants and conductors, a four color printer could easily
print the eqivalent of an 8086 chip on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.
Maybe even a 286 chip. High resolution flatscreen displays are already
produced by printing methods (they are an offshoot of electroluminescent
lighting technology which is printed with silkscreening.)

you'd have black as a silver or indium oxide conductor, red is an
insulator/dielectric, and yellow and blue would be positive and negative
dopants. Sell these ink cartridges at Staples, and every home office
immediately becomes a potential circuit prototyping facility. Then you'd
have a very high market pressure for higher and higher printer
resolution. How high a resolution can you buy for under $200? At 10,000
dpi you are reaching the point of pentium chips on a postcard.

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