Re: Programming project required

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 19:45:31 MST

Chris Russo wrote:
> >First, ASP/MS Access isn't your best choice. If you need something
> >simple, try MySQL for the database, Perl CGI scripts to display the
> >content, and DBI to connect them.
> My company currently develops technical solutions for web developers
> using just the products that you mention.
> Unfortunately, most of my web developers have been telling me that if
> I want my company to get into the serious (large) corporate
> contracts, I need to have my engineers trained in ASP/JSP MS
> solutions. They're seeing not only a lot of current ASP business out
> there, but also a lot of movement in that direction.
> Just a data point for your enjoyment.

<shrugs> It's *possible* to do large projects in the MS formats, but
not as easy. The ASP business they may be seeing is Application
Service Provider - the whole industry - as opposed to Active Server
Pages - MS's implementation of part of the tech. You'll certainly need
to bone up - training, or practice - on whatever solution you go with,
which means MS tech if you're already an MS shop. (Though note: my
current employer was only able to get more customers by ditching the MS
shop mentality, going from < $1 million annual revenues to > $10
million in one year once they stopped wasting resources, and customer
patience, maintaining MS solutions.) But the questioner here is
starting essentially from scratch. Plus, it's easier to go from the
other standards to MS's than vice versa.

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