Re: GUNS: Re: Self Defense

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 13:57:52 MST

Ifrit wrote:
> > It appears that this concept has problems....I wonder if they are soluable?
> >
> > EvMick
> > Hope Ark.
> >
> Oh it has far more problems. What makes anyone assume that someone
> wouldn't figure out how to remove the modem without damaging the gun? Or
> the paint? And since now you're offering them to anyone who walks into
> wal-mart, that kid who used to just stick cherry bombs under garbage cans
> is now a potential mass murderer.
> People complain about the corruption of the police being a problem, but
> give every citizen the same power and see which is worse...

Every citizen already has the same power in many states. Those states,
consequently, have the lowest crime rates, while the state you seem to
be from, New York, has one of the highest. Funny how when you trust
people more they seem to behave more like responsible adults.

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