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From: J Corbally (icorb@indigo.ie)
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 16:47:17 MST

>Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 01:45:55 EST
>From: T0Morrow@aol.com
>Subject: Re: Irish transhumanists
>In a message dated 1/16/01 6:46:41 AM, seankenny@blueyonder.co.uk writes:
> >I recall reading once that Max More had changed his name from Connor or
> >Connolly or something like that because he didn't like the fact that people
> >thought he was Irish, and I've just read on [Tom's] web site that Tom
> Morrow
> >doesn't like to be addressed as Tom O. Morrow as he thinks that's sounds
> >Irish. So do we have a problem with the Irish here :(
>I've got nothing at all against things Irish. Indeed, I proudly tout some
>Irish among my ancestors and have had *great* fun visiting Eire. But as
>names go, one that connotes Irishness would sorely misdescribe me. (The
>association would probably offend a great many Irish, too!) So please
>understand my naming preferences as not anti-Irish but rather as pro-accuracy.
>T.0. (it's a zero, folks!) Morrow

Nice to see someone responding to the question, thanks!

Are there any more Irish Transhumanists lurking here apart from Sean,
Colm(where've you disappeared to?:) and myself?

BTW, if anyone here is ever over here in the Auld Sod, look me up. I'm
that rare mutation in Ireland; an Irishman who doesn't drink! I'll be glad
to show you the sights of Dublin though..

An open invitation to all.



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