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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 13:40:30 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:
> From:
> >I've just finished re-reading (for the several-eth time) Barne's
> >"Mother of Storms"
> >In it there are several topics which relate to Extropianism and
> >the Singularity. One in particular that I want to mention at this
> >time is the "Personal Defender"
> >Said item is a small handgun. It has several interesting
> >features.
> >1. It is factory loaded.....once it's loads have been expended it
> >is non reloadable....
> >2. Upon being fired it does three things....
> > projects an ultra velocity bullet of depleted
> >uranium....supossedly "utterly lethal"
> >b. it emits a radio frequency message intended to be received by
> >the police..
> >c. it indeliably marks it's user via dye and taggats (of some
> >sort....the hypothetical "smart" variety I would assume.
> >3. It is readily available to anyone....."easily purchased by a
> >teenager at a seven-eleven" .......
> >This to me seem to have several advantages....all positive over
> >the long run...and only minor disadvantages in the short run...
> >Any comments?
> My first comment is that this is a damm fine post. You may wish to
> join us at for the ones that aren't so
> fine. ;)
> My problem would be in the non-reloadable feature for one, it would
> seem that having used it once you would have to replace it or risk
> being short rounds if you run into multiple attackers. Or have to
> carry multiple launchers.

Yes, the non-reloadable feature is only of use to manufacturers to make
more money. The smart thing to do is sell non-reloadable magazines that
only fit that gun, and every bullet and brass cartridge is serialized,
where anyone can buy the gun, but an ID is required to buy ammo.

However, many studies of similar ammo control measures that were once
part of the GCA of 1968 proved conclusively that they had no impact on
crime, nor were they helpful in solving crime. This may change if
bullets are more reliably serialized, but thats an idea that has not
been tested yet.

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