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Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 12:06:10 MST

Russell Whitaker wrote:

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> >Some people have states ideas of beaming power from space. The way this
> >happens
> >is that power is generated on the lit side of the moon using solar cells.
> >Then
> >this is beamed using high-power microwaves to those areas in the line of
> >sight
> >where it is required. Drawback: misaligned microwave cooks area.
> >
> Ross,
> Did you read the posts in which Amara and others (forgive
> me others, I don't remember your names offhand) go to great
> pains to explain to you there's no dedicated "dark side" -
> hence no dedicated "lit side" - of the Moon? Our moon's
> tidelocked to Earth, _not_ the Sun.
> I won't touch the "misaligned microwave cooks area" thing.
> Others can have at it.
> Russell
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I did. In fact, it was a little joke. There is a lit side, it's just not
always lit.

About the microwaves, there would be two satellites, one around the moon and
one around the earth. When they have line of sight, the power is beamed from
the moon to the satellite, where it is reflected to the Earth satellite, and
from there to the ground. There could be more satellites.

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