Re: Velikovsky's [sic] was an imbecile

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Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 00:53:30 MST

**See below.

On 18 Jan 2001, at 0:48, John Clark wrote:

> John Marlow <> Wrote:
> > I do not support Velikovsky, am not in fact familiar enough with his
> > works to render an opinion one way or the other
> You don't have an opinion?! You don't have an opinion about Jupiter spiting out a comet
> that then came near the earth and then caused the Red Sea to part and then went into
> a circular orbit around the sun and then became the planet Venus ?! You think this matter
> is actually worth further investigation?!

**Actually, quantum theory sounds a whole lot kookier than Velikovsky-
-but it does seem to be correct. And I refuse to discount a theory
based upon the opinion and characterizations of an individual who has
examined said theory for a total of 4.3 seconds.

> >You, on the other hand, have studied the matter carefully,
I'm sure.
> Yes, I've studied Velikovsky, I can say with confidence that I've
given the man all the time he
> deserved, about 4.3 seconds.

**'Tis what I thought--an unbiased scientific examination of the
man's entire body of work, yah?

*"I have already carefully read the first volume of the memoirs to
“Worlds in Collision,” and have supplied it with a few marginal notes
in pencil that can be easily erased..." --Albert Einstein, letter to
Immanuel Velikovsky, March 17, 1955
**Apparently Mr. Einstein thought the matter warranted a wee bit more
than 4.3 seconds of "his" time--though it must be said that he did
not support the Venus contention, and found parts of V's works to be
fanciful, as of 1954-55.

**But I guess you're busy working out that Unified Field Theory that
E found so pesky.

 Neutrality on stupidity of this colossal magnitude is
> inexcusable and unforgivable.

**The neutrality I disagree with--but I'm with you on the stupidity.

**imbecile: n. 1. person of abnormally weak intellect, esp. an adult
with a mental age of about five..." --The Oxford Essential
Dictionary, American Edition

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