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From: Russell Whitaker (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 15:23:21 MST

>From: "Terry Donaghe" <>
>Hey - I want one that writes UPSIDE DOWN and UNDER WATER!
>Like the astronauts might have if astronauts were upside down under water

Actually, the old Fisher* Space Pen (
does both; I tried it out underwater (in Florida's Crystal
River) when I was working at a dive shop many years back.
The problem's not the pen, it's the writing surface. I was
able to write semi-adequately on a cloth by pressing harder
than normal in each pen stroke. The cartridge is nitrogen
pressurized. It worked at about 20 feet (roughly 1.66ATM or
25psi total); not sure if it would have worked at greater

Nowadays we use underwater writing slates. ;-)

Or, for that matter, full face/free flow masks with
diver address systems (looking to buy one myself).
Very similar to what the astronauts use:


* - sidenote: I actually met Paul Fisher at a libertarian
function of some sort years ago in Las Vegas. Nice old guy.
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