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Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 16:17:28 MST

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Subject: Re: Stewart Brand's The Clock of the Long Now

>More like a thousand years weary, jaded, tired, bored, suicidal.

>It's not even interesting being pretty and strong if everybody is
>pretty and strong.

>A thousand years wise might mean something. What, remains to be
>seen. The fiction writers so far assume a great interest in either
>aesthetics or history in coming methuselas. Might be.

Longevity is hardly a new pursuit (read the Yellow Emperor's Classic
of Taoist medicine). The founder of the Rosicrucian's (Christian
Rosencreutz) reputedly lived 5 or 600 years, and there is a tradition
of magickal adepts and alchemists living an incredibly long time.

Enoch (or Edris of the Jin) who 'lived with God and was not' also
lived for 700 odd years ... and presumably passed his magickal
skills to his son Methuselah .... I read the Book of the Secret of Enoch
for clues, but the jury is out on whether I can clock up as many years as
Enoch. But I am sure that there is a mental/ Will component to
longevity ... some personalities will get bored or depressed and want to
top themselves, others will not.

I have put 2 audio recordings of the Enochian Calls at:
The Call of the 30 Aires is powerful, even anti-human!
The ninth call uses a natural magickal vibratory voice
technique and not sound effects.

Most of us aren't at the cutting edge of bioscience so can't do much
practically about life extension, but anyone can work on low-tech
life extension and personal health/ psychology. Technology isn't the
only evolutionary route, just one of several to be explored.
I have always found acupuncture and acupressure to work.

I think that meditation skills would probably be useful to gain control
over heart-rate, slow breathing, and overcome boredom ....
House of the naked Khabs

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