2001 and the current generation of youth

From: John M Grigg (starman125@lycos.com)
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 15:48:51 MST

Eliezer wrote:
You sit there and just marvel at
the idea that this was once cutting-edge; that people could think of the
movie as being anything but homey, wholesome, and relaxing. You do it for
the historical value and to just appreciate how different things must have
been a couple of generations ago. If 2001 were released today, it would
flop. How can you demand of my generation that they watch it?

Gen-Xer's can certainly enjoy watching 2001 and not feel bored to death! I think you underestimate them... If anything the previous generations would have had a harder time both enjoying and understanding the film.

I think if 2001 were released today it might have a rough time of it initially, but support for it would grow. And you know how a big budget advertising campaign would be in order... lol

I still feel this film comes across in many ways as cutting edge. The special effects still hold up magnificiently and actually outdo the computer animation I so often see in films today.

And even for people now, 2001 is hardly mundane and homey. There is a powerful sense of awe about humanity's future and our relationship with the rest of the universe which hits me everytime I see the film. Star Trek makes me think homey and wholesome, never 2001.

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