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Why don't any of these types of criticism talk about sexual recombination?
As far as I am aware, sexual recombination of genes is a far stronger
influence than mutation in natural selection.

Consider how large our genes are, and the variation in them in our
population. There's a huge amount of dormant information ready to be
reawakened, lots of less successful strategies which linger on, waiting for
a change in environment to become competitive again. Sexual recombination
plays the role which the popular image assigns to mutation. Mutation, on the
other hand, plays a very minor part, introducing new basic data to play with
occasionally, but occupying a decidedly secondary role.

For instance, computer techniques which harness natural selection use very
little mutation; often they use none. Where the raw material comes from in
these systems is the randomised genes of the original populations; there's
plenty of redundant and unused data to keep a population going for many,
many iterations.


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> Interesting link to Darwinism/Natural Selection hole-punching in favor of
> directed evolution:
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> Emlyn <> Wrote:
> > Being a creationist is pretty dumb, true.
> > However, "directed evolution" at least sounds plausible, and
> merrits
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