Re: Extropians in NY Times Book Review

Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 23:41:26 MST

T.O. Morrow writes:
> Scott McLemme, reviewing Steven Levy, Crypto, writes on p. 30 of the New York
> Times Book Review, Sunday, Jan. 14, 2001: "[C]ryptographers here [qua
> hobbyists] simply enjoy the challenge of getting inside a system and
> reconfiguring it. Others are driven by a counterculturalist distrust of the
> government. Blossoming at the farthest fringes, there is the lush wierdness
> of a group called the Extropians--for whom high-power encryption (combined
> with information technology) will yield revolutionary social changes, with
> the total collapse of the nation-state for openers."

"Extropians" and variants are not listed in the index of Levy's book,
so it is rather strange to bring us in. It sounds like his description
would be more accurately applied to cypherpunks than to Extropians,
although there is considerable overlap between the two groups.

It's impressive though that Extropians are beginning to occupy such a
prominent swath of memetic territory.


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