Re: VTOL planes in history:

Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 08:52:44 MST

In a message dated 1/15/01 7:20:39 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:<< > "Michael S. Lorrey" wrote: >
> > Here are links to various pics of assorted little known VTOL aircraft,
> > including several that takeoff and land on their tails... >>

Mike, etal,
    Maybe you can help me. I recall as a large lad or young man seeing an
issue of Mechanix Illustrated, or somesuch, talking about a "land on tail"
VTOL that original young Hiller was developing. My basic memory is that it
was either jet or rocket powered: I certainly don't remember a propellor on
the craft.
    I looked in vain among the VTOL you linked us to and did not find it.
Have you any information on such a craft.
Ron h.

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