Who *is* this person? Re: GUNS/TOOLS:

From: Michael M. Butler (butler@comp-lib.org)
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 01:08:17 MST

Well, at least you don't have to dispose of community property.

Joking, I'm joking.

I do think some of the gunnies on this list have been blabbering a bit.
I don't think they're all worthy of all the names that have been slung
around. I think it's more like "Pssst! Don't mention ice skating to Aunt
Harriet, or we'll never get out of here..."

Yours for signal,


Jason Joel Thompson wrote:
> I'm starting to feel like I'm at the point in the relationship where you are
> starting to get to know the other person, and are just now coming to the
> realization that you might not be compatible.

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