Re: vicious circle of competition

Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 19:29:59 MST

"J. R. Molloy" <> said:

> From: "Randy Smith" <>
> > Me, I just wanna live forever, and I am not sure if all this energy
> being
> > devoted to corporate free marketeering is gonna get me there.
> Corporate free marketeering has a better chance of getting you there than
> passť alternatives offered by N. Korea, Russia, or Communist China, don't
> you think?

Well, I just try to use common sense. I know that the people who work for
governments are not very good workers. I can see that. It's not efficient.
But what has happened is that the rebuttal to that solution has been taken to
extremes. These extremes are bad news for many many people in the West.

If we want to be immortal, I suspect that the answer may lie not in any one
economic model, but in turning everyone to our viewpoint. Or perhaps I should
say, my viewpoint, because I seriously that any of you hold the same
viewpoints I do, not surprisingly.
To motivate others to the goal, to make them see that the goal is both
desirable and possibly attainable, is the real task, and meaningless
adherence to some economic philosophy is a hindrance.

How can you possibbly argue that blind free marketeering in pursuit of profit
is anywhere near as efficient as if tomorrow, every person in the world woke
up and said, " I want to live forever, and let's all join hands to make it
so." Kind of a Manhattan Project sequel. Unrealistic? It's happened before.

You would drive your car willy nilly in every direction in order to get from
point A to point B. You may call it socialism or facism, but when you say
that, I say you're living in the past.


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