Re: META: i hope this list is bigger than this issue: control/guns/extremism

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 11:47:16 MST

Justin Corwin wrote:
> in my view, weapon technology is weapon technology, whether nanoscale,
> or macroengineering. if that's to be banned, that sounds fine, but
> unneccesarily repressive.

I think the g topic is perhaps emblematic, because since any tool can be
a weapon (even a butter knife), how such issues are addressed bears on
how humans will deal with much more potentially hazardous tools, such as
Project Orion style propulsion systems and strong nt, or even
self-directed evolution.

The Mike Lorrey vs Joe Dees flakfest, specifically, is rather a
set-piece by now, and little news is forthcoming from it. The biggest
news I've gotten there is that I'm part of the problem. Could have
fooled me.

> i dislike unreflective conflict.

I do, too. I was attempting reflective communication; perhaps I failed.
I wish I hadn't felt obligated to *PLONK* Mr. Dees. But "guilt by
association", and reactive crypto-extremism, cut precisely zero ice with

In any event, welcome. Here's a towel, wipe the blood off, pull up a
chair and let's talk about something less controversial, like Friendly
AI or whether philosophy is obsolete. :)


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