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>SafetyOn : The Comprehensive Guide to Firearm Safety
>and Responsible Gun Ownership
This list is obviously not safe from the overweening list depredations of these inconsiderate and uncaring oafs. Take it to exi-freedom or the NRA list, please!
>It's a bit pricy for a college student ($40), but you might be able to
>get some other people to chip in. It is also possible your college has a
>rifle program. They, or the school library, might be able to justify
>buying and lending it. Or getting a copy on approval and letting you be
>part of the review group :).
>Justin Corwin wrote:
>> >There is an excellent CD-ROM available for book-learning about firearms,
>> >as an adjunct to real training from a real live instructor. I'll post
>> >the URL if there's interest.
>> i would be very interested in any URLs that people can give me on firearm
>> information. and please, keep the opinions coming! the question, what's the
>> best gun for a newbie college student in salt lake utah, with no underworld
>> fears, for self defense! i don't need to drop waves of folks, or bank
>> robbers with body armor and autoloaders(paintball term, kill me) just want
>> to feel secure, and get some experience with firearms. a friend is pushing
>> glocks in .40, the 23, i think is the compact?
>The Model 23 is the smaller conventional frame .40 Lib. There is a more
>compact Glock .40, but some people think it's harder to control. Go to a
>range that rents and try 'em all. Don't be in a hurry to plunk down $500
>or more on a purchase you'll come to regret.
>Gunnies call 'em "autoloaders" too. "Kill me"? No, thanks. I don't much
>hold with it. :) Since owning firearms, I have found in myself a marked
>tendency to not say stuff like that. FWIW.

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